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We are your C-Suite, advising on proper business structure, tax and retirement strategies, and private wealth management. We seek to have the business and your personal goals fully integrated and running as efficiently as possible.

IIM executes through a close partnership with Amoretti Advisors - designing and implementing a cohesive tax, finance, and investment strategy.

Construction Site

Business Structure

Form the most appropriate legal entity to maximize profits. 

(SP, LLC, S Corp, C Corp)

A Yacht at Sea

Wealth Planning

Sophisticated strategies to help accumulate, preserve, enjoy, and transfer wealth.

Blurred Business People

Tax Planning & Implementation

Leverage our business tax code expertise to help clients pay the lowest tax possible.

Trading Graphs on Computer Monitor

Investment Management

Risk-based managers of capital, aligning custom allocations with clients' unique goals.


Accounting & Finance

Ensure accuracy and completeness in the preparation or compilation of financials. 

Surfing Together

Retirement Plans*

Utilize tax-advantaged investments to minimize taxes and compound savings.

*Self-Employed retirement plans offered: SEP IRA, Solo 401(k), SIMPLE IRA, Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, and Defined Benefit.

Defined Benefit plan contributions for 3-5 years are required to keep the plan on track to deliver the promised benefit in retirement. Upon termination of the plan, the assets can be rolled into an IRA where they will continue to grow tax-deferred until withdrawal. IIM will work closely with prospective clients to determine if the defined benefit plan is appropriate.

Investments and financial planning offered through Intent Investment Management, a Registered Investment Advisor with a CRD# of 315111. Tax Advisory and Planning offered through Amoretti Advisors, a California professional corporation.

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