We believe the self-employed  should have access to the same benefits that large corporations give their employees. This includes running payroll, having a retirement and health plan, and creating a holistic, fluid financial plan that takes into account all of life's milestones. We seek to have your business running as efficiently as possible, so you can focus on what matters most.

For the business:

  1. Payroll: create W-2 income and  tax efficiency

  2. Retirement: decrease tax bill  and create a nest egg

  3. Business Taxes: accurate records and filing to save time

For you personally:

  1. Income: cover living expenses

  2. Investing: a plan to live the life you want

  3. Personal Taxes: pay on time with no surprises


A partnership cultivating a holistic approach to help clients work smarter.


Business Formation & Compliance

Tax Planning & Implementation

Accounting & Finance

Form appropriate entity for tax efficiency

Ensure elements work together to pay lowest taxes

Make well-informed decisions to optimize growth


Workplace Retirement Plans

Business & Personal Financial Planning

Objective-Based Investing

Allocate resources efficiently to reach life's milestones

Unique investment strategy for each objective

Utilize tax-advantaged investment accounts

Investments and financial planning offered through Intent Investment Management, a Registered Investment Advisor with a CRD# of 315111. Tax Advisory and Planning offered through Amoretti Advisors, a California professional corporation.


Completely digital platform paired with professional investment management and planning to efficiently deliver the best possible financial outcomes for clients. We have retirement solutions for owners and employees operating within any legal structure, including sole proprietors, independent contractors, LLCs, and Corporations.

01 /
digital set-up

Save time by opening an account in minutes

03 /
Disciplined investment process

Navigate market volatility and manage risk

02 /
Seemless Bank Integration

Automate savings through recurring contributions

04 /
Regular financial & tax planning 

Holistic approach to live the life you

Self-Employed retirement plans offered: SEP IRA, Solo 401(k), SIMPLE IRA, Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, Defined Benefit*

*Defined Benefit plan contributions for 3-5 years are required to keep the plan on track to deliver the promised benefit in retirement. Upon termination of the plan, the assets can be rolled into an IRA where they will continue to grow tax-deferred until withdrawal. IIM will work closely with prospective clients to determine if the defined benefit plan is appropriate.