“If something were to hit the fan, I now have emergency savings to fall back on. And Justin has helped me gain peace of mind knowing that I was able to create it on my own. Growing up, I lived in a household where people lived paycheck to paycheck and the end of the month was always a scary situation that caused a great deal of stress in the family. SUBVERT has empowered me to build financial awareness and maturity - I am now more confident and secure in my life.”

BARBER, san francisco, with INTENT since 2017


“I leave our coaching meetings with information that I reflect on throughout the week and have been able to create a lifestyle that is much more disciplined around finances - I am now able to sustain myself.”

TATTOO ARTIST & SHOP OWNER, san francisco, with INTENT since 2018


“This is the first year [2019] that I'm not worried about Tax Day! Starting and sustaining a small retail business in San Francisco has not been easy and without the help of SUBVERT we'd still be in the weeds. With their bookkeeping and business coaching services, we were able to get our finances back on track and have implemented attainable goals for the business and the future - I can now actually give myself a paycheck and Justin is helping us plan for a permanent retail location - two things I never thought I'd be able to do on the path that I was heading down before."

RETAIL BOUTIQUE OWNER, san francisco, with INTENT since 2018